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Learn languages starting at a young age!

Studies confirm that bilingual children have increased development of certain brain functions, such as memory, compared to children who learn only one language. The advantages are extensive and at ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES, we believe that the benefits of learning a new language go far beyond the child’s cognitive development.

Learning to communicate in another language and, obviously, having contact with another culture other than your own, may be of added value in the child’s behavioural development and character building.

The effect of globalisation has given a new impetus to communication and now communication is certainly one of the keys to success and happiness. That is why we are certain learning a new language starts at a young age.


  • Stimulate concentration and memorisation, as well as active participation and creativity;

  • Practice listening comprehension and speaking;

  • Make students aware of linguistic and cultural diversity;

  • Foster education for communication, integration and socialisation;

  • Nurture values, such as respect for one another, mutual help, solidarity and citizenship;

  • Provide significant, motivating and diversified learning experiences;

  • Develop self-esteem.

To form homogeneous groups, an evaluation is made of the language level, whilst taking into consideration the age group. To provide a playful, yet efficient, language education, current and diverse teaching material is used, which has been developed in the country of origin of the language the child is learning.
Courses / Programmes
Language education for children at ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES is innovative, whilst being playful and highly customised at the same time. It is based on our vast teaching experience with students in this age group.
In Portugal, our Teaching Institution is a pioneer in language education for children.

We prepare and provide international exams with Universal recognition, for all languages and levels.

International Exams

• STARTERS, MOVERS, FLYERS [Cambridge University]
• FOX, OWL [LanguageCert]
Biannual evaluation: February and July

Given the close relationship between the student and the teacher, each class is a stage for learning and evaluation, where various situations are created for participation and interaction.


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