Become more fluent in a foreign language without ever leaving Portugal

This course functions through packs of hours and implements a syllabus that is completely adapted to the needs of each client.

  • Do you want to learn a language in the shortest amount of time possible?
  • Do you need a highly flexible schedule and location?
  • Are you looking for training in a specific area?
  • Are you going to deliver a presentation or be interviewed in a foreign language?
  • Are you going to emigrate and do not know how to communicate in that country’s mother tongue?

This intensive training allows you to study at any time during the year, with a completely flexible schedule and in the place of your choosing.


Learn a language in the country of origin

ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES ensures, in addition to the course, accommodations and a complete programme of activities and visits. In a safe and comfortable environment, with contact with English from morning till night, our students, in addition to classroom learning, have contact with the country’s culture, people and habits. This is truly an unforgettable experience.
  • Learn how to fluently speak English;
  • Contact with the language, culture and habits of the new country;
  • Preparation for living in multicultural contexts;
  • Provide an enriching and unforgettable experience
Note: In addition to the Immersion Courses in England, we also organise courses in other languages and in other countries, with objectives and programmes similar to the ones presented here.
Summer School students have English classes at the group’s School in Bath, England. In addition, for 15 days, they have daily contact with the language and are, therefore, constantly learning.
Youth 10-18 years old
15 fantastic days
Summer School at ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES, occurring between July and August, provides students with the most incredible holidays ever! More than just a course, this time in England is an experience with a lasting impact. These 15 days are not only spent studying and learning, but also getting to know and exploring the country - through various activities and trips – as well as creating new friendships. All this whilst practising the English language. It includes:
  • Highly personalised accompaniment from Portugal/England/Portugal, with Group Leaders (s) from Royal School of Languages;
  • Accommodations with full board with an English host family;
  • 30 hours of classes (15 hours per week);
  • Complete recreational and cultural programme (visits to important locations, museums, exhibits);
  • Placement exams;
  • Course material;
  • Bus pass;
  • Transfers from and to the airport, in England;
  • Course Certificate, recognised by the British Council of England.

July – second half of the month
Adults, Executives / Professionals
English in England
This is your best opportunity to develop your English language skills and experience a different country. Our method is highly efficient: speak English from morning till night. This course is what we call a “customised” immersion course because it can be organised according to your personal tastes and needs.

At any time during the year

“Going to England with Royal School has helped me grow at a personal level and improve my English”
15 fantastic days, Mariana Vila Real, 17 years old
“It is the best way to have fun, learn/perfect our English and live like true Brits.”
Course in Bath, England, Guilherme Martins, 15 years old
“There is no better way to learn English than in the lands of Her Royal Majesty.”
Summer Courses in England – The best place to learn English, Litoral Magazine (May 2016)
“I loved it! It was an investment that was worth every Euro. I utterly enjoyed every minute! From the very start I felt that it would be the best choice. And it was!”
English in England, Margarida Caetano, 36 years old
“Everything was fantastic. Without a doubt it was the best choice!”
English in England, José Bruçó, 25 years old
“I feel more confident and motivated.”
English in England, Anabela Santos, 30 years old
“The summer course... was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I had the privilege of discovering more about the culture and spending time with people from all over the world, communicating in English. I hope I can repeat the experience because it was truly incredible!”
15 fantastic days!, Raquel Moinheiro, 14 years old


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