and interpretation

From and into any language: we work towards achieving success

ST – ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES is committed to delivering work with elevated precision, skill and security to its clients.

The quality of this service is guaranteed by the excellent training and vast experience of our professionals (who are always native speakers of the language they are translating into), as well as the specialised proofreaders.

Written translation
Precision, speed and confidentiality – are characteristics inherent to our service.

We translate from and into any language and any type of text, including technical and official documents, or of any other nature.

We work in the following areas:

  • Technical (engineering, electronics, computer technology and mechanics, among others);

  • Judicial (legal proceedings, contracts, powers of attorney, among others);

  • Scientific (medicine, biology, literature, history, Master’s or doctorate theses, among others);

  • Corporate (certification procedures, minutes, business agreements, labour contracts, advertising and marketing, company presentations, brochures, user manuals, press releases, among others).

All translations are subject to a meticulous final revision. We guarantee absolute confidentiality concerning all subject matters.

Whenever necessary, we notarise and/or legalise our translations with the competent entities and in accordance with the legislation in effect.

We implement solutions that boost sales success, internationalisation processes and the export of products and services.
Subtitling and Voice-over
We deliver subtitling and voice-over solutions in various types of media and formats.
Interpretation/ Simultaneous Translation
ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES offers a vast range of services in this area: business meetings, conferences, congresses, tourism activities, among others.

We offer flexible schedules with the possibility of travelling within Portugal and abroad.

At ST - ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES, the Client may hire not only the translation/interpretation service itself, but also all the latest technical equipment (cabins, receivers/headphones, sound system, various types of microphones, cameras and screens). This way we are able to provide a complete service.
We are quick and efficient in the transcription of diverse information (such as court hearings and proceedings, as well as corporate meetings), in any language, format or audiovisual media.
Text Processing
ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES also meticulously corrects and revises texts and translations to ensure elevated standards of quality.

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