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It’s never too late to learn

At ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES, we believe that being an adult is synonymous with always being able to learn more. And, with respect to languages, there is always so much to learn and so many new skills to acquire, in order to communicate with greater efficiency and confidence.

If you want to develop professionally, change your career or even country, we can help you prepare for your future challenges.

Our teaching methodology, based on the “communicative approach” technique, encourages communication in real-life contexts.

Acquire new language skills because it is always the right time to learn how to communicate with more confidence, assurance and ease.

It’s never too late to learn.


  • We provide training that is aimed at fulfilling our students’ personal and professional projects;

  • Prepare students for an increasingly globalised world;

  • Enrich and expand the ability to communicate through the practice of dialogues in real-life situations;

  • Provide our students with the language skills which will contribute to the achievement of their objectives, as well as their success.

Training occurs in a personalised work environment, given the reduced number of students in each group. The dialogue between professionals and business people from various sectors is enriching and makes communication at a professional and social level more fluid.

Our methodology is also reflected in our students’ results. Since we work with reduced-size classes, we are able to give substantially more personalised attention and assistance to each student.
Courses / Programmes
ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES issues its own certificates for attendance and completion of the course and offers internationally recognised exams.

We prepare students who wish to complete those exams. When they have passed the exams, the students then receive certifications and diplomas with universal accreditation.

In addition to including general English, these courses also follow a programme developed for more specific English, responding to the most prevalent needs in the different professional areas.

We prepare and provide international exams with Universal recognition, for all languages and levels.
International exams

• FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS [Cambridge English]
• TOEIC, TOEFL [Capman]
• LCCI [Pearson]

• DELF, DALF, TEC, TCF, DAEFLE [Alliance Française]
• TFI [Capman]

• DELE [Instituto Cervantes]

• CELI [Istituto Italiano di Cultura]


Evaluation occurs biannually (February and July) or during and at the end of modular training courses. Personal and professional requirements and challenges are especially emphasised.

Given the close relationship between the student and the teacher, each class is a stage for learning and evaluation, where various situations are created for participation and interaction. There are also written evaluation models, which enable the student to implement their acquired knowledge, in terms of vocabulary, language structure, grammar and the development of themes relative to their level.


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